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Vervella is a Sencer Bulut brand. The technology behind this unique product was developed through the famous Slovenian scientist Goran Dordic’s 18 years of hard work and dedication.

This technology was developed so that the cell structure of Ascophyllum nodosum in modern terms the brown marine algae was unfolded for the human digestive system to absorb it.

Sencer Bulut developed this technology in the form of a dietary supplement and called it “Vervella”, the old truth.

Vervella has absolutely no side effects as it includes nothing but processed Ascophyllum nodosum, brown seaweed.

Vervella offers a wide range of benefits for all age and profession groups. Vervella can especially be helpful for urban people who are working in business plazas, who are longing for fresh air, who have a reduced life quality because of the heavy traffic. It can also be beneficial for people who need nutritious support after surgery, who are temporarily or indefinitely disposed to difficult working conditions. Briefly, Vervella can be helpful for everybody who want to increase their body’s resistance.

About The Product

Vervella helps you detox, also helps with weight control; helps boost your energy level, and helps strengthen your immune system. Furthermore, Vervella can contribute overcoming an extensive series of health problems; helps regulate thyroid, helps with infection problems, digestive problems, menopausal and menstrual problems, hair loss problems, muscle aches, skin issues, stress, fungal infections, diabetes, and depression.

Vervella can be used by children, the elderly and even by babies who are older than 6 months under doctor supervision.

Vervella is for everyone who wants to have a high-quality life.

Sencer Bulut

[ Biography ]

“Vervella” is a Sencer Bulut brand that contains the amazing Ascophyllum Nodosum


  • Certified Banting Coach, The Noakes Foundation 2016 – South Africa
  • Herbs and Supplements Certification, 2016 – USA
  • Precision Nutrition Certificate Level 1, 2013 – Canada
  • Fitness Nutrition Coach, 2011 – USA
  • International Fitness Association, Advanced Sports Nutritionist, 2011 – USA
  • International Fitness Association, Sports Nutritionist, 2008 – USA
  • Lifestyle & Weight Management Specialist, 2008 – USA
  • Sports Nutrition Certification, 2008 – USA

Short Biography: Sencer Bulut was born in Istanbul in 1985. Bulut continued his higher education in Yeditepe University in the department of Chemical Engineering. He conducted a wide range of research in the field of nutrition and sports. In addition to his research, he has supported his knowledge with a variety of certifications. In 2015, he published a book titled “The Real Diet” (Aslında Diyet)

Vervella Contact Information.

Vervella Istabul Office
Vervella – Sencer Bulut
Kozyatagi Mah. Lule Sk. 3-10 34742
Kaadikoy / ISTANBUL
T: +90 216 372 30 00
Email: [email protected]


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